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Do You Need a Racine Traffic Violation Lawyer?

This Attorney in Racine is waiting for his client, who has received multiple traffic violations.

Can’t You Just Pay The Fine? Why Get a Lawyer?

Many Wisconsin drivers, who have been charged with a traffic violation, didn’t expect a ticket. Chances are, they most likely didn’t pay attention to the speed limit, they ran a stop light, or didn’t know they were committing a hit and run after they bumped an unattended car and failed to contact the driver. Regardless of the type of traffic violation, tickets can be expensive and consequences may end up more serious or expensive than a basic traffic violation fine. Depending on the violation, as well as the offender’s driving history, some drivers can face license suspension, points added to their driving record, and even the possibility of jail time.

Some traffic violators, embarrassed by their mistake or scared to face more serious consequences are quick to pay their tickets, but often times, legal consultation should be considered first. If you have received a traffic violation, it may be difficult to know when you would benefit from legal representation. The staff at Cafferty Law Office, S.C., have years of experience and offer free initial consultation. Many drivers aren’t aware that there are often strategies to help reduce or dismiss traffic violation charges.

When Do I Need An Attorney for a Traffic Violation?

Each traffic violation case is different and dependent on a variety of factors, therefore, Wisconsin drivers should take advantage of Attorney Patrick Cafferty’s free initial consultation. Initial consultations are crucial to anyone facing any type of traffic violation because experienced attorneys can offer advice and help individuals decide what they should do or what may happen next. There are often alternate options than simply paying the fine and an attorney will discuss and explain your options.

While you may not find it necessary to hire an attorney when you’ve received a basic speeding ticket, it’s wise to consult an attorney and hire one to represent you when you have received a fine for a traffic violation you don’t understand or agree with. Additionally, if you have committed a traffic violation that resulted in the injury of another person or resulted in property damage, you should strongly consider legal representation. Many people, facing a traffic violation, believe they are knowledgeable enough to represent themselves in traffic court, but more often than not, they are unsuccessful in reducing their fine.

Choosing a Lawyer For Traffic Violations

Choosing an attorney to represent your case may be initially overwhelming, if not a bit scary. The advantage of choosing an attorney, who offers free initial consultation, is that you have no obligation if you decide that your citation isn’t worth the expense of legal representation. While many attorneys offer “free” consultations, you should choose a law firm who is experienced and knowledgeable in all types of traffic violations from minor to major. Additionally, choosing an attorney in your local area will not only make it more convenient for you, but it is advantageous to speak with an attorney who is familiar with your location or where the traffic violation occurred.

How Serious is a Traffic Violation?

You can decide if a Racine traffic violation lawyer is important for you, based on your driving record. Have you been convicted of previous violations? Does your employment require a pristine driving record? Will your traffic violation hinder your “everyday life”? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should contact an attorney.

Contact an Experienced Racine Traffic Violation Lawyer

From our offices in Racine, WI, Racine traffic violation attorney Patrick Cafferty defends the rights of drivers charged with state driving offenses throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. At Cafferty Law Office, S.C., we have years of experience successfully defending clients in Wisconsin traffic courts. Contact the firm to arrange initial consultation with an experienced lawyer right away.